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China's Semiconductor Industry and Win-Win Growth

As China embarks on the Made in China 2025 plan with electronics and semiconductor technology as one of the Top 10 focus areas, China's semiconductor industry has an unprecedented growth opportunity. However, besides the huge investment required,...

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Industry Upswing: End of Cycles?

This is an exciting year to be in the semiconductor industry: semiconductor-related companies are trading at all-time highs and most expect record device shipments and revenues as well as equipment revenues. This growth is primarily fueled by...

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200mm Fabs Still Flexing Muscles!

In the shadow of other more trendy news about China and Memory fab investments, 200mm fabs continue to “flex their muscles.” At least 500,000 wafers per month (wpm) capacity, or a 10 percent expansion, is forecast for 200mm fabs from this year...

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$49.4 Billion Semiconductor Equipment Forecast ─ New Record, Korea at Top

SEMI reported that worldwide sales of new semiconductor manufacturing equipment are projected to increase 19.8 percent to total $49.4 billion in 2017, marking the first time that the semiconductor equipment market has exceeded the market high of...

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200mm Fab Investment Finds Home in China

By Clark Tseng, Industry Research & Statistics Group, SEMIChina’s ambitious plans to build a world-class semiconductor manufacturing supply chain domestically certainly has the industry’s attention. With over a dozen new 300mm fab announcements...

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Historic Highs in Fab Spending for 2017 and 2018

Equipment spending alone: US$49 billion in 2017 and $54 billion in 2018

The latest update to the World Fab Forecast report, published on May 31, 2017 by SEMI, reveals record spending for fab construction and fab equipment. Korea, Taiwan, and...

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