SEMI Calls for Exclusion Process for Products in New China Tariff List

Last week, SEMI joined a coalition of business groups in calling for Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, U.S. Trade Representative, to enact an exclusion process for the most recent tranche of tariffs on $200 billion in goods imported from China. 
While an exclusion process was provided for in the previous tariff lists, which cover about $50 billion in goods, the administration has said that no similar process will be provided on the most recent tariffs on $200 billion (List 3), which took effect Monday. SEMI members will face millions of dollars in additional duties as a result of these tariffs. This action will also curb growth, stifle innovation, and introduce significant uncertainty in the semiconductor industry.  
Americans for Free Trade is a diverse coalition, which includes hundreds of companies across the United States, to illustrate the impacts of tariffs on American businesses, consumers and manufacturers. SEMI is a member of this coalition. The full text of the letter can be found here
Any SEMI members with questions should contact Jay Chittooran, Public Policy Manager at SEMI, at

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