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2017 Global Semiconductor Materials Sales Reach $46.9 Billion

The global semiconductor materials market increased 9.6 percent while worldwide semiconductor revenues increased 21.6 percent from the prior year in 2017. Total wafer fabrication materials and packaging materials totaled $27.8 billion and $19.1* billion, respectively, in 2017. In 2016, the wafer fabrication materials and packaging materials markets logged revenues of $24.7 billion and $18.2 billion, respectively, for 12.7 percent and 5.4 percent year-over-year increases, according to the SEMI Materials Market Data Subscription.

For the eighth consecutive year, Taiwan, at $10.3 billion, was the largest consumer of semiconductor materials due to its large foundry and advanced packaging base. China solidified its hold on the second spot, followed by South Korea and Japan. The Taiwan, China, Europe and South Korea markets saw the strongest revenue growth, while the North America, Rest of World (ROW) and Japan materials markets experienced moderate single-digit growth. (The ROW region is defined as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, other areas of Southeast Asia and smaller global markets.)

2016 and 2017 Regional Semiconductor Materials Markets (US$ Billions)

Region 2016** 2017 % Change
Taiwan 9.20 10.29 12%
China 6.80 7.62 12%
South Korea 6.77 7.51 11%
Japan 6.76 7.05 4%
Rest of World 5.39 5.81 8%
North America 4.87 5.29 9%
Europe 3.03 3.36 11%
Total 42.82 46.93 10%

Source: SEMI, April 2018

Note: Summed subtotals may not equal the total due to rounding.     

 * Includes ceramic packages and flexible substrates                                                                                                                              ** 2016 data have been updated based on SEMI’s data collection programs

The Materials Market Data Subscription (MMDS) from SEMI provides current revenue data along with seven years of historical data and a two-year forecast. The annual subscription includes four quarterly updates for the materials segment reports revenue for seven market regions (North America, Europe, ROW, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and China). The report also features detailed historical data for silicon shipments and revenues for photoresist, photoresist ancillaries, process gases and leadframes.

For more information or to subscribe, please contact SEMI customer service at 1.877.746.7788 (toll free in the U.S.) or 1.408.943.6901 (International Callers).

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