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Lara Chamness

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Renaissance in the Photomask Market?

The semiconductor industry has been on a roll for the past few years – and the rising tide has lifted segments spanning the supply chain. The photomask market, in particular, has seen exceptionally strong growth of 13 percent and 8 percent in...

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2018: Records Shattered Across the Board

Semiconductor Market Trends

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Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market Expected to Grow to $562 Million by 2019

The worldwide reclaim wafer market is forecast to surge to $562 million by 2019 after reaching $510 million in 2017 on the strength of 18 percent growth. Despite the growth, reclaim suppliers continue to struggle to cost-effectively remove...

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Industry Upswing: End of Cycles?

This is an exciting year to be in the semiconductor industry: semiconductor-related companies are trading at all-time highs and most expect record device shipments and revenues as well as equipment revenues. This growth is primarily fueled by...

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$49.4 Billion Semiconductor Equipment Forecast ─ New Record, Korea at Top

SEMI reported that worldwide sales of new semiconductor manufacturing equipment are projected to increase 19.8 percent to total $49.4 billion in 2017, marking the first time that the semiconductor equipment market has exceeded the market high of...

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