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Message From the Executive Director

Learn about the SEMI Workforce Development Program and how SEMI is working to help its members attract, hire and retain the most valuable asset a company has - its workers.

Why Workforce Development?

SEMI member companies rely on a highly skilled workforce. Companies must attract and retain a wide variety of individuals who can innovate, solve complex problems, and anticipate future challenges and opportunities in the rapidly changing and technologically advanced microelectronics sector. 

Research shows that the most innovative and productive companies are also the companies with the most racial and gender diversity in their workforce. Even with years of investment in diversity initiatives, women, veterans, and people of color still make up only a fraction of the tech workforce. The current global pandemic is disproportionately negatively affecting women and people of color in the workplace, undermining what small successes companies have had in diversifying their teams. The layered challenges of existing inequities paired with the pandemic threaten both the livelihoods of workers and the success of member companies. 

The SEMI Foundation’s Global Workforce Development Initiative aims to address both issues. We are working connect a diverse cohort of potential employees to available jobs today, while also addressing long-term industry talent pipeline issues with a racial, gender, and social justice lens. Our programs are designed to reach multiple audiences: K-12 youth; students advancing their education in college, university and graduate programs; and in-career individuals who need to re-skill and up-skill. We are designing programs that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion to increase the size of our talent pool and to attract and support veterans, women, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color who are currently under-represented in our industry. 

Download the SEMI Workforce Development Overview.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Attracting, developing and retaining talent are some of the great challenges facing the technology industries where the talent gap is growing. Studies have clearly shown that supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce can achieve hiring goals, increase innovation, profitability, and employee morale. There imbalances and barriers for women, black, indigenous and people of color. No single person or program can change the lack of diversity in our industry. But each passionate person can inspire others and their organizations to commit to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

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High Tech U

SEMI High Tech U

A 3-day program where students build the connection between their math and science classes and career opportunities in the high-tech field through hands-on workshops. The mission of the SEMI Foundation is to support education and career awareness in the field of high technology. We aim to positively impact all who participate, including students, their parents, teachers and volunteers.

Learn what it’s like to work in high tech. Interactive modules mimic the daily life of an engineer. Build a skillset that puts you on the pathway to success. Learn More.

A free career exploration program that exposes your student to the exciting world of high tech and prepares them for future education and career decisions. Learn More.

Your students will participate in an industry inspired and industry led exploration program that gives them a new perspective on their math, science, and problem-solving skills. Experience the High Tech U curriculum for yourself through our two-day teacher program. See how you can integrate career exploration into your classroom. Learn More.

Inspire the next generation of scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians. Help students connect the classroom to their future careers by leading a module and sharing your path. Learn More.

SEMI High Tech U

Mentoring Program


SEMI Mentoring Overview

The SEMI University Mentoring Program facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships that connect mentees with industry leaders to learn and develop. Mentoring helps you to expand networks, gain new knowledge and insights, and build new skills.


Be a Mentor

- Make a difference in the career development of another person
- Develop leadership and management qualities
- Grow your interpersonal and communication skills
- Expose new talent to your organization

High Tech U Mentee Program

Find a Mentor

- Grow professional networks
- Learn to navigate workplace challenges
- Develop your leadership skills
- Explore opportunities and build your career path

Events & Announcements

Executive Testimonials

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Bobby Bell
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, KLA
“SEMI Workforce Development is successfully partnering with our industry to attract talent and build out the talent pipeline. KLA has been impressed by the quality of students intercepted at recent SEMI events and hopes that SEMI continues to drive talent to our industry.”
For more info, visit KLA and SEMI Workforce Development.

Katy Crist

Katy Crist
Director, Marketing and Communications, Tokyo Electron Ltd.
"Over the past several years, I've had an intimate look at the SEMI Foundation’s work to tackle the most substantial challenges facing our industry – talent crisis, industry image, and D&I. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I look forward to working more closely with the Foundation to strengthen our industry across these and other critical issues."
For more info, visit TEL and the SEMI Foundation.