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45 Years of SEMI Standards

Thanks to you and the more than 5,000 other industry experts who contribute your time and brainpower, the SEMI Standards Program is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2018. The first SEMI Standards meeting was held in 1973 to create a dimensional specification for silicon wafers. At the time, the proliferation of more than 2,000 different wafer specifications had led to major inefficiencies as the industry was just getting underway. To address this problem, wafer suppliers gathered under the auspices of SEMI and quickly developed consensus specifications for 2-inch wafers, and by the mid-1970s over 80 percent of wafers being shipped conformed to the new standard.

Since that time, the SEMI Standards Program has expanded both geographically and technically. The program now has 20 technical committees in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, North America, and Taiwan, tackling manufacturing challenges across the electronics supply chain. Critical milestones include the development of SEMI S2, the comprehensive safety guideline that has drastically reduced industry incidents and continues to be updated to keep up with the hazards associated with semiconductor manufacturing, and the SECS/GEM and EDA suites of equipment communication standards, which are the backbone of modern day semiconductor “Smart Manufacturing.”

SEMI Standards 1 PQ

As we commemorate our 45th year, there has never been a more diverse and active agenda as we look to solving issues in new areas such as Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging, Electron Microscopy Workflow, and flexible hybrid electronics. Of course, the Standards Program owes its success and longevity to you. I am repeatedly amazed by the dedication of Standards Members, and look forward to continuing the industry collaboration – together we can make the next 45 years as fun and productive as the first!

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As SEMI president and CEO Ajit Manocha has stated, “SEMI Standards is the oxygen of the industry.”

SEMI Standards has saved the industry untold billions of dollars by defining interoperability specifications, guidelines and test methods that have streamlined semiconductor manufacturing and ensured the smooth operation of hundreds of pieces of equipment – all working automatically 24X7.

What's more, SEMI Standards has enabled the production of more than 2.2 billion wafers and 1.8 trillion IC devices. Referenced more than 10 million times in production fab purchases, more than 25 SEMI Standards, on average, are cited in each purchase order for semiconductor equipment and materials in the electronic manufacturing ecosystem.  

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