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Emir Demircan

Recent Posts

The European Challenge of Posted Workers – SEMI Position and Recommendations

SEMI members in Europe face tough barriers to meeting legal requirements for posted workers, a struggle that undermines their competitiveness. The European Union (EU) defines a posted worker as an employee dispatched by his or her employer to...

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MADEin4, a New ECSEL Project, to Advance Industry 4.0 Solutions for European Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

SEMI Europe will co-lead the communication of the technologies developed under a new ECSEL JU (Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking) project launched in April. SEMI Smart Manufacturing Standards will help...

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SEMI Position on National Industrial Strategy 2030 – Strategic Guidelines for a German and European Industrial Policy

Last month, Germany published its National Industrial Strategy 2030, which sets strategic guidelines for a German and European industrial policy. The Strategy has drawn mixed feedback across Europe and internationally. What all stakeholders agree...

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SEMI Shares Views with European Commission on Proposed Revision of EU Machinery Directive

The European Union Machinery Directive aims to both ensure a high level of safety for machinery users and facilitate the free movement of machinery in the EU market. In recent years, the European Commission has reviewed the Directive with any eye...

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SEMI Shares Joint Industry Statement on RoHS Directive with European Commission

SEMI is part of a joint advocacy action voicing the views of the electronics manufacturing and digital industries on RoHS to the European Commission. In late 2018, SEMI shared a statement reflecting the common view of key industry associations...

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European Commission Approves Joint Microelectronics Project to Spur Innovation

Last month the European Commission (EC) approved €1.75 billion in public support from France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom (UK) to fund the joint European microelectronics project, which focuses on developing Internet of Things (IoT) and...

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SEMI Europe Keynote to Highlight Europe’s Competitiveness at EFECS 2018 in Lisbon

Joining distinguished speakers from the European Commission, industry, academia and Member States, Laith Altimime, SEMI Europe president, will keynote on “European Competitiveness in the Context of the Global Digital Economy on 20 November at...

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SEMI Europe Supports Joint Call to Candidates for 2019 European Elections

SEMI Europe today confirmed its support for the joint call to future Members of the European Parliament to put industry at the core of the European Union's future. The joint call is as follows:

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SEMI Shares Industry Feedback on RoHS Review Roadmap with European Commission

SEMI recently shared industry feedback with the European Commission on the roadmap for reviewing RoHS (the Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). SEMI brought the following...

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AI Public Policy Key to Semiconductor Innovation and Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving game-changing capabilities with huge impacts on our lives: self-driving cars, algorithms diagnosing cancers, accelerated drug development, voice-activated devices, self-healing digital grids and...

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