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Emir Demircan

Recent Posts

Fluorinated Chemicals Are Essential to Semiconductor Manufacturing and Innovation

Semiconductors play an essential role in modern society by enabling ground-breaking technological advances. The manufacture of high-volume and advanced semiconductors requires the use of fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS. Representing the voice...

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Pact for Skills to Advance Europe’s Technological Leadership and Sovereignty

Europe is facing an acute shortage of skilled microelectronics workers that undermines the growth potential of not only the electronics industry but the European economy as a whole. Nearly 1.1 million job advertisements for electro-engineering...

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SEMI, Industry Coalition Urges EU to Postpone SCIP Database Notification Deadline

On 21 September, SEMI and a coalition of 40 industry organisations sent a letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calling for decisive action to solve implementation issues within the European Union Waste Framework Directive,...

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