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Paula Doe

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SEMICON West Preview: Materials and Subsystem Suppliers Find Solutions to Emerging Wafer Defectivity Issues at Small Geometries

New metrology and inspection technologies and new analysis approaches made possible by improving compute technology offer solutions to finding the increasingly subtle variations in materials and subsystems that meet specifications but still cause...

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SEMICON West Preview: New Infrastructure and Sensors Extract Actionable Information from Maturing IoT for Medtech

For medtech applications to flourish, sensors need a supporting infrastructure that translates the data they harvest into actionable insights, says Qualcomm Life director of business development Gene Dantsker, who will speak about the future of...

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Microelectronics Sector Extends AI from Pattern Recognition to Prediction and Control

What’s next for smarter, more connected electronics manufacturing - Part 3

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SEMICON West Preview: Exponential Data Growth Drives Change in System Architecture

With artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly evolving, look for applications like voice recognition and image recognition to get more efficient, more affordable, and far more common in a variety of products over the next few years. This growth in...

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Process Complexity Means Exponentially Increasing Data Volumes and Analysis Challenges

What’s next for smarter, more connected electronics manufacturing - Part 2

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Automotive and SiP Drive Demand for Traceability Back Through the Value Chain

What’s next for smarter, more connected electronics manufacturing - Part 1

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SEMICON West Test Vision 2020 Preview: Chip Testing Gets Smart

Chip testing is becoming smarter and more complex, creating growing requirements to stream data in real time and ensure it is ready to use for analysis, regardless of the vendor source.  

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SEMICON West Preview: Autonomous Automotive Market Drives Change in the Semiconductor Supply Chain

The fast-growing automotive semiconductor market means big change for the IC supply chain. Beyond the obvious demands for reliability and traceability, the sector is moving towards simpler and lower-cost solutions while facing the daunting...

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SEMICON West Preview: Smart Microelectronics Manufacturing Builds the Infrastructure to Enable AI Applications

The fast-maturing hardware and software that are enabling practical applications of equipment intelligence and machine learning mean disruptive change for microelectronics manufacturing. But first comes the basic work of building the basic...

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