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Shari Liss

Recent Posts

The SEMI Foundation Builds Bridge to Future for Semiconductor Industry Talent with New Programs

As the semiconductor industry continues to grapple with the widespread effects of the COVID pandemic, at the SEMI Foundation we continue to build programs and initiatives that inspire the next generation of STEM workers and drive new and diverse...

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Free One-Day Virtual Event – Designing Digital and Analog IP Using Freely Available Resources

Every Friday I try to clear out my inbox. It’s a small way to feel like I’m on track with all the different projects we have going on at the SEMI Foundation. As I’m doing that, it’s rare that I’ll open a marketing email about a webinar, webcast,...

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Nurturing Engineering Careers – Workforce Development at SEMICON West

To attract and cultivate new talent across the microelectronics industry, virtual SEMICON West 2020 offered wide-ranging career insights for engineering students seeking that vital first job and young employees embarking on their careers. They...

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3 Key Takeaways from New Hiring Data: Semiconductor Industry Continues Pursuit of Best, Brightest Talent

Data recently collected by SEMI points to only a moderate slowdown in the industry’s pursuit of talent, illustrating the growing and significant need for attracting workers at all levels of the organization. With COVID-19’s devastating impact on...

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University Students Gather, Clamor for Microelectronics Career Insights at SEMI Webinar

What do you do when much of the U.S. is under lockdown and university students want insights into career opportunities in the microelectronics industry including how to secure jobs?

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The SEMI Foundation to Go Virtual with HTU and Open Houses

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, the world has been flocking online – to connect, to share stories, and, for those who can, to continue to work to help keep the wheels of economies turning. With its shift away from...

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