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Free One-Day Virtual Event – Designing Digital and Analog IP Using Freely Available Resources

Every Friday I try to clear out my inbox. It’s a small way to feel like I’m on track with all the different projects we have going on at the SEMI Foundation. As I’m doing that, it’s rare that I’ll open a marketing email about a webinar, webcast, or industry event unless it’s incredibly compelling.

One of them did catch my eye last week, from VLSI System Design for its VSDOpen2020.

And the email did more than catch my eye. We jumped on the phone with the founders and ended up collaborating with them and the ESD Alliance on the event.

The company specializes in training students in chip designs. That’s a great fit for the work we’re doing on your behalf at the SEMI Foundation and SEMI. And the VLSI System Design event is a free, online, one-day set of sessions that focus on designing digital and analog IP using freely available resources.

VSDOpen2020 1

If you have time on Saturday, October 10, I’d encourage you to check it out. They’ve got some great keynote speakers (see below), five IP designer tracks, educational sessions, and they’re even showcasing IP designed by students!

It’s a great way to see some innovations in design, interact with students, and make some new contacts in a virtual setting. Below are more event details. Registration is now open.

VSDOpen 2020 – Saturday, October 10

Keynote speakersSVDOpen2020 Keynote Speakers

  • Jan Rabaey, the Donald O. Pederson Distinguished Professorship at the University of California at Berkeley, will offer a look at Computation in the Post-Moore Era: Reflecting on the Role of Open Source.
  • Naveed Sherwani, Chairman, CEO and President of SiFive, will describe RISC-V and open source hardware – A golden opportunity for the India semiconductor industry.
  • Michael Wishart, Co-Founder and CEO of efabless, will address Applying Community Models to ICs: Why and How.

In addition, Jeremy Bennett, Chief Executive of Embecosm, will deliver an industry talk on A brief history of open hardware: Learning from the free and open source software movement. And Sunita Verma of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology will give a presentation on India’s initiatives in electronic system design and manufacturing.

There are also networking opportunities for designers, researchers, tool developers, and students. If you want to go deeper, join the lab-based workshops offered in the three days (Oct 7-9) leading up to the event.

Check out the full program for more on specific sessions.

Shari Liss is executive director of the SEMI Foundation. She oversees SEMI Workforce Development programs from K-12 through re-skilling for veterans.

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