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Standards Industry Leaders Honored at SEMICON West 2018

Did you miss the SEMI International Standards Reception at SEMICON West 2018? Not to worry, here are the highlights.

SEMI honored two Standards industry leaders for their outstanding accomplishments in developing Standards for the electronics and related industries.

Two awards were given recognizing the efforts of each member. The Technical Editor Award recognizes the efforts of a member to ensure the technical excellence of a committee’s Standards. This year’s recipient is Sean Larsen of Lam Research. Mr. Larsen has led the North America EHS Committee and multiple EHS task forces for over a decade. His knowledge of the Regulations, Procedure Manual, and Style Manual, combined with his vast experience in the industry, ensures that complex safety matters are explained in a clear, consistent manner, and ballot authors frequently rely on him for his technical skills in preparing ballots.

Standards winners

In addition to co-chairing the North America EHS Committee, Mr. Larsen is currently the co-leader of the SEMI S22 (Electrical Design) Revision TF, the SEMI S2 Non-Ionizing Radiation TF, the SEMI S2 Korean High Pressure Gas Safety TF, and the Control of Hazardous Energy TF.

The Corporate Device Member Award recognizes the participation of the user community and is presented to individuals from device manufacturers. This year’s recipient is Don Hadder of Intel. Mr. Hadder has been actively involved in the Standards Program for several years, and currently leads the Chemical Analytical Methods Task Force and chairs the North America Liquid Chemicals Committee. He has successfully re-energized the committee, which is now focused on enabling continued process control improvements for advanced nodes. He recently drove the development of a critical new standard: SEMI C96, Test Method for Determining Density of Chemical Mechanical Polish Slurries, the first document in a series of SEMI Standards that will be devoted specifically to CMP slurry users, IDMs, slurry suppliers, metrology manufacturers and OEM equipment suppliers.

Mr. Hadder has worked at Intel for 23 years, where his experience and system ownership has been in Diffusion, Wet Etch, Planar-CMP, Ultra-Pure Water, Waste Treatment Systems, Abatement and Vacuum Systems, Bulk and Specialty Gas, Bulk Chemical Delivery and Planar Chemical Delivery.

James Amano, Sr. Dr. International Standards, opened the reception with a few words. He noted that the total number of published SEMI Standards is nearing 1000, and that these documents serve as the backbone of modern day semiconductor manufacturing.


Standards Ajit

SEMI president and CEO Ajit Manocha, speaking at the SEMI International Standards Reception at SEMICON West.


Ajit Manocha, President and CEO of SEMI, reminisced how he was an active Standards Member, and how much he got out of SEMI Standards as a young engineer at Bell Labs. He passionately emphasized that SEMI Standards remain critical in this era of new materials and disruptive architectures and processes, calling them the "oxygen of the industry."

Laura Nguyen is coordinator, International Standards, at SEMI. 

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