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FLEX 2021: Making the World Safer – Call for Abstracts Now Open!

Is your company working on the next big thing in flexible, hybrid and printed electronics – a breakthrough or innovation that will make the world safer, healthier or more productive for years to come? If so, we want to hear from you.

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Community and Collaboration: Keys to Tackling Global Challenges with Microelectronics

Humanity has survived almost unimaginable challenges over the past 5,000 years of documented human history. From war, famine and natural disasters to the first global pandemic in the last 100 years, more often than not, people have relied on one...

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Expecting the Unexpected – 5 Takeaways from FLEX Japan and MEMS & Sensors Forum Japan 2018

Peel-and-stick simplicity isn’t just for adhesive bandages any more. IoT and flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) are bound to change hardware business models. And flexible displays will breathe life into any surface.

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