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2019FLEX Japan to Explore Flexible and Printed Electronics Markets and Innovations

How are flexible electronics impacting the automotive sector? How will medical diagnostics and life sciences be changing with the advent of flexible, conformable electronics? How does space exploration intersect with the continued development of...

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SMART Technology Dazzles at SEMICON Japan 2018

Five young dancers bathed in a striking rainbow of colors with their silhouettes cast in the background dazzled SEMICON Japan 2018 attendees at the opening ceremony in mid-December. Gone were the standard opening keynotes and ribbon cutting,...

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IBM, Nissan and Toshiba Talk Computing and Smart Car Innovations: Key Takeaways from SEMI Japan Members Day

The Japan semiconductor manufacturing supply chain is a global semiconductor industry workhorse, producing about one third of world’s chip equipment and more than half of its semiconductor materials. In contributing the vast majority of these...

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West Scores Big With New Era of AI, Data Galore, Prosperity

Standing-room only keynote speeches. A future awash in data amassed by transformative technologies and applications, with semiconductors at their core. Smart everything: Cars, medicine, manufacturing, workforce, you name it.

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Flying Jellyfish, Smart Tech, Regional Growth Highlight SEMICON Southeast Asia 2018

With Southeast Asia’s semiconductor industry expected to grow up to 12 percent this year, the stakes at SEMICON Southeast Asia were high. The challenge: to drive industry connection, collaboration and innovation across a broad range of...

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