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The Gigafab Minute and SEMI Standards: A Modern Miracle

Even for someone who has been in this industry since the days of the TI Datamath 4-function calculator and the TMS1100 4-bit microcontroller (yes, that’s been a LONG time – the movie Grease premiered the same year!), it is sometimes hard to grasp...

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SEMI High-Tech Facility Events – Shaping the Future of Smart Factories in Taiwan

The march to greater precision, efficiency and safety – the lifeblood of high-technology manufacturing facilities – has taken on a new urgency as emerging applications such artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry...

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West Scores Big With New Era of AI, Data Galore, Prosperity

Standing-room only keynote speeches. A future awash in data amassed by transformative technologies and applications, with semiconductors at their core. Smart everything: Cars, medicine, manufacturing, workforce, you name it.

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Microelectronics Sector Extends AI from Pattern Recognition to Prediction and Control

What’s next for smarter, more connected electronics manufacturing - Part 3

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Process Complexity Means Exponentially Increasing Data Volumes and Analysis Challenges

What’s next for smarter, more connected electronics manufacturing - Part 2

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Automotive and SiP Drive Demand for Traceability Back Through the Value Chain

What’s next for smarter, more connected electronics manufacturing - Part 1

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AI to Revolutionize Semiconductor Manufacturing – 4 Takeaways From SEMI Taiwan Forum

By Emmy Yi

As artificial intelligence’s (AI) sprawling influence reshapes industries from logistics and healthcare to automotive and manufacturing, Taiwan is poised to leverage its cutting-edge capabilities and rich history in semiconductor manufacturing to...

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SEMICON West Preview: Smart Microelectronics Manufacturing Builds the Infrastructure to Enable AI Applications

The fast-maturing hardware and software that are enabling practical applications of equipment intelligence and machine learning mean disruptive change for microelectronics manufacturing. But first comes the basic work of building the basic...

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Flying Jellyfish, Smart Tech, Regional Growth Highlight SEMICON Southeast Asia 2018

With Southeast Asia’s semiconductor industry expected to grow up to 12 percent this year, the stakes at SEMICON Southeast Asia were high. The challenge: to drive industry connection, collaboration and innovation across a broad range of...

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Get Your Mojo Back at SEMICON West!

Enjoying the richest lineup of talent and resources in SEMI history, West isn’t just a show anymore

It’s a powerful conversation. With new venues, new voices, and new takes on the industries and markets that will fuel the industry’s growth,...

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