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Technology and Trends

Highlights from SEMI’s Smart MedTech Webinar Series

If you bought a new car recently, you must have noticed that it warns you if one of its functions needs your attention. It even alerts the factory if repairs or major adjustments are needed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have similar capabilities for...

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COVID-19 Best Practices: UES Response Maintains Vital Support of Government, Industry Customers

At UES, Inc., our 300 employees faced a myriad of productivity, logistics, and communication challenges as we responded to COVID-19 yet we continued our work uninterrupted to deliver scientific research and technical expertise to the Department...

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Demand for Telemedicine Devices Heats Up

Innovations in the public sector are springboards for new products in digital health and personalized medicine. Since 2013, SEMI NBMC, funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), has been evaluating industry needs and soliciting proposals...

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Building Outside the Box: FLEX Conference 2019

SEMI’s annual FLEX Conference & Exhibition returns to Monterey, California, February 18-21, 2019, bringing together nearly 100 speakers on the major developments at the leading edge of printed/flexible/hybrid sensors and electronics technology.

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