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Technology and Trends

Neural Networks and Transfer Learning Empowering Semiconductor Manufacturing

As semiconductor manufacturing processes grow more complex and sophisticated, production defects become both more common and harder to predict. Traditional process control techniques such as statistical process control (SPC) are now too limited...

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Micron Lighting the Way: Driving Efficiency and Sustainability in Smart Manufacturing

The world’s most advanced manufacturing factories are leading the way in driving efficiency and sustainability.

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MEMS and Sensors Fuel Intelligence Movement - Part 1

Part of 1 of 2-part series on MSEC 2019 highlights.

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Electrowetting Improves Imaging Device Performance

The evolution of industrial and non-industrial automation, smart manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 technologies have increased demand for vision systems that support robust, reliable imaging industrial applications. What factors are driving growth...

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How to Add Machine Intelligence or AI to EDA Tools

Constant coverage of an invigorating topic like machine intelligence in the media often urges us to consider its use in EDA technology. As is often the case, there are many myths and falsehoods that consume our time and effort when trying to...

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Transforming Compute Infrastructure and Technology Requirements

Ahead of the European MEMS & Sensors and Imaging & Sensors SummitsSEMI's Serena Brischetto met with Xperi Corporation senior vice president of engineering Petronel Bigioi to talk about infrastructure and related technology requirements to...

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