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Technology and Trends

1000th SEMI Standard: A Stable Foundation for Energetic Materials

This article is the first in a series highlighting the vital importance of SEMI Standards. Register here to be notified as the articles in the series are published.

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SCIS Seals & Valves Group Develops Seals Testing Standard

SCIS is a SEMI Technology Community that tackles critical component defectivity for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The organization develops test methods for measuring defects in these critical components. Originally, this SEMI...

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Device Traceability and SEMI’s Single Device Tracking Initiatives

The Single Device Traceability Task Force emerged from SEMI CAST’s identification of the need for device traceability through the supply chain — not just traceability for devices but for component parts such as semiconductor die, lead frames,...

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Revising SEMI-E135 to Improve Testing Standards for RF Generators

Gas plasmas have become a fundamental building block in many semiconductor manufacturing processes. Plasma torches used to create these gas plasmas have three components: an induction coil, a plasma confinement tube, and a gas distributor or...

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Video: Adding More Intelligence to Chip Manufacturing – SEMI’s Smart Manufacturing Initiative

Advances in areas from materials, packaging and testing to devices, equipment and standards must come together to enable smart factories and new capabilities in the microelectronics manufacturing supply chain. The secure transfer of information...
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