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Technology and Trends

Microelectronics Power the Future of Mobility – Part 2: Opportunities for Electronics

In the first part of this double feature, we looked at the automotive industry’s transition toward a mobility ecosystem and the shifting business model perspective from selling vehicles to miles. At the core of these changing dynamics are four...

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MEMS-FHE Device Integration Gets Real

MEMS technology has changed human interaction with electronic devices. Introduced in the 1990s, the first mass-market MEMS devices were used for inkjet printheads and automotive airbag crash sensors. Today, MEMS are ubiquitous, with billions of...

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Advanced Testing Paradigm Shifting in Era of Heterogeneous Integration

By Emmy Yi

New SEMI Taiwan Testing Committee to strengthen the last line of defense to ensure the reliability of advanced semiconductor applications.

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Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packages: Reliability and Validation Testing Using Simulation Methodology

SEMI spoke with Balaji Nandhivaram Muthuraman, Package and Material Simulation engineer at Dialog Semiconductor, about the state of reliability testing for wafer-level chip scale packages ahead of his presentation at the Advanced Packaging...

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3D Heterogeneous Integration Drives Demand for New Materials and Integration Solutions

SEMI met with Gerald Beyer, program manager at imec, to discuss the co-existence of various 3D interconnect technologies and their need for new materials and integration solutions. The two talked in the runup to his presentation at the Advanced...

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