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Technology and Trends

Electronic Materials Market Weathers the Pandemic – For Now

Linx Consulting and Hilltop Economics continue to monitor how the global economy impacts the electronic materials supply chain. Amidst the recent economic and revenue results releases, we have generated a series of potential scenarios for the...

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SkyWater Combats COVID-19 With Virus Detection Partnership, Best Practices, FOA Support

As the world confronts the health crisis of a generation in the form of the fast-spreading coronavirus, the microelectronics industry remains firmly in the spotlight. Aware of the central role they play in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,...

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Taiwan Helps Cut Chip Manufacturing Costs with SEMI Standards

By Emmy Yi

For many technologies, standards unshackle them from patents and enable their mass production – an idea close to the heart of Wendy Chen, associate vice president of the R&D Center at King Yuan Electronics Corp. and vice chair of the SEMI Taiwan...

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