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Technology and Trends

SEMICON Japan Goes Virtual with Industry Outlook, Quantum Computing, Hands-Free Driving and More

If you think the world is flooded with a mind-boggling volume of digital content, then you might be just a amazed to learn about the sheer wealth of information and business opportunities that will be uncovered at this year’s SEMICON Japan as the...

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Smart Mobility: An Impactful and High-Growth Market

About 70% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is driven by consumer demand. What consumers are looking for is influenced by, for example, fashion trends, product innovations, environmental forces, and personal interests. Regarding personal...

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SEMI Evolves with Eye to Future: Interview with Bettina Weiss

A lot has happened in fifty years, particularly when it comes to the microelectronics industry. Founded in 1970 by a group of semiconductor industry pioneers who believed that co-opetition — instead of traditional competition—would produce a more...

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Microelectronics Power the Future of Mobility – Part 2: Opportunities for Electronics

In the first part of this double feature, we looked at the automotive industry’s transition toward a mobility ecosystem and the shifting business model perspective from selling vehicles to miles. At the core of these changing dynamics are four...

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Microelectronics Power the Future of Mobility – Part 1: Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared

As the amount of electronics in automobiles continues to increase, it is becoming more common to hear a vehicle referred to as a “computer on wheels.” To that end, innovation occurs at the intersection of automotive and microelectronics so that...

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First Autonomous Vehicle – Complete with License Plate – Verified for Open Road Use in Asia

By Emmy Yi

It’s official.

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