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Video: Adding More Intelligence to Chip Manufacturing – SEMI’s Smart Manufacturing Initiative

Advances in areas from materials, packaging and testing to devices, equipment and standards must come together to enable smart factories and new capabilities in the microelectronics manufacturing supply chain. The secure transfer of information between factories is an important part of creating the “digital thread” that will give rise to higher yield, faster cycle times and reduced cost.
At SEMICON West 2018, Tom Salmon, Vice President of Collaborative Technology Initiatives at SEMI, discusses his group’s work across the supply chain – including semiconductor front-end, packaging and test, as well as PCB and final product assembly to accelerate the development of smart manufacturing.
Ariana Raftopoulos is a marketing manager at SEMI. 

Topics: Packaging , Materials , SEMICON West , semiconductor manufacturing , semiconductor , Smart Manufacturing , semiconductor industry , SEMI Standards , Testing , product assembly , PCB




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